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Super Sudden Death Land

Turn-Based RPG | Unreal Engine 5

In five weeks of game jamming, our 4-person team produced an hour-long experience for fans of JRPG's. My design aimed to breathe life into tried-and-true methods of turn-based gameplay. Knowledge of Unreal Blueprints let me create many features and systems swiftly.

2021-07-20 17_24_18-Fallout4.png

The Longevity Zoo

RPG, FPS | Fallout 4 Mod

In a couple of 8-10 week cycles, I built a two-chapter quest with Creation Kit. Considering gameplay styles and level flow, I began a Fallout 4 digital novel with themes of immortality, social dynamics, and leadership.

Screenshot (72).png

First Comes Love,
Then Come Zombies

Action Adventure | Dying Light Mod

In a couple of months, I built a mission in Chrome Engine 6. Playing to the top of my visual aesthetics and sense of humor, I aimed to give zombie fans a map to remember.

Conjury Revell

Arena Shooter | Steam Release

In 16 weeks we brought a steampunk-magic concept to life in Unreal Engine 4. Alongside 27 developers, I built levels for gameplay demonstration and the final product while keeping an eye on the technical aspects of the Airship level.

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