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Allow me to introduce myself...


Hi, I'm Titus. Making video games has been my goal ever since I played Pokémon: Fire Red as a ten-year-old. Even though it was always something I knew I wanted, I had to overcome a few personal hardships before I was ready for the games industry. Besides, I had other adventures to go on.

After I graduated college I went to live in Tokyo as a math and English teacher. It was surreal to wander into the scenes I have seen in games like Persona 5 and The World Ends With You. Shibuya is still my favorite place.

When I returned to my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, I was just about ready to make my move on the game industry. By night, I was a theatrical improviser and procedural narrative designer. By day, I taught coding fundamentals through video games and later worked as a software developer. Until SMU Guildhall picked me up and set me on the right path to the industry. I truly aim to be a master of the craft - and that's a lifelong pursuit. 

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