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The Longevity Zoo



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Western RPG / FPS

Creation Kit

5 Months

1 Developer

Technical Mission Designer

available on request


Technical Designer | Mission Designer

Commentary Video

High Concept

My Fallout 4 mod, "The Longevity Zoo" tells two chapters of a story set in the Fallout universe. Each chapter had its own development cycle that spanned 8-10 weeks. I created the world space from scratch in Creation Kit, scripted over 100 events in the Papyrus language, wrote a cast of eight significant characters, and designed a computational system to enhance the narrative.

Chapters one and two had slightly different production goals: while chapter one was intended to appeal to a wide range of Fallout players by incorporating a breadth of Fallout 4 conventions, chapter two dove deeper into narrative systems and demonstrated the computational narrative potential of Creation Kit.

Development Timeline

Chapter One: "The Longevity Zoo"

Weeks 1-2

Week 3

Weeks 4-5

Weeks 6-8

Week 9

Week 10

Level Design Document


Initial Gameplay

Gameplay Complete



Drafted up maps for interior and exterior world space.

Planned out all dialogue trees.

Implemented world geometry and basic quest structure.

Included combat encounters and representative dialogue.

Finished implementing first pass at quest content.

Added a side quest.

Continued refining the mission's narrative and combat.

Finished all scripted events.

Lighting, environmental storytelling, background LOD, character appearances, sound effects.

Made sure the quest was as polished as possible.

Chapter Two: "Synthesis"

Week 1

Weeks 2-3

Weeks 4-5

Weeks 6-7

Week 8

Level Design Document


Initial Gameplay

Gameplay Complete

Aesthetics & Launch

Set forward production goals & created narrative systems.

Maps, plot overview, dialogue trees, development plan.

Modified existing world space for the new chapter.

Implemented initial quest dialogue trees.

Refined the layout, scripted events, decorated the space, and finished the dialogue trees.

Added moving entities to the space.

Implemented post-quest content.

Made the space watertight and added quest fail states.

Improved the background LOD.

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