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You Teach! Romeo and Juliet



Time Span:

Team Size:


Interactive Fiction

RPG Maker MV

8 months

1 Developer

Technical Narrative


Procedural Narrative Design  |  Rapid Prototyping

Base Engine Modification & Scripting | Tool Creation  |  Character Writing

High Concept

You Teach! Romeo and Juliet was created with a dual purpose:

It was a technological experiment in procedural narrative and simulated conversation.

Equally, it aimed to engage players in the act of education.

An early working title, A Generative Discussion of R&J, sheds light on the overall vision of the project. That is, I wondered if I could somehow find a way to make procedurality enhance an interactive discussion. This lofty goal of making a computer generate meaning about a Shakespeare play enhanced the end result because it made me think through my process as a teacher leading a literary discussion enough to generalize and program my approach into a machine.


The artifact has value not only for students of Shakespeare but also for teachers in training looking to examine a pedagogy in practice. From a developer standpoint, it also has R&D value as a demonstration of deeply procedural narrative. Individual sentences in dialogue lines were built from smaller sentence fragments, and these lines were used to piece together back-and-forth exchanges between characters. The project is successful enough that I often imagine new directions to go with procedural narrative given what I learned from it.

Development Timeline

Months 1-2

Month 3

Months 4-5

Month 6

Months 7-8

Paper Prototype

System Planning

First Playable

Alpha Content

Beta & Release

Captured GDD data, including direction, scope, vision, and technology.

Started collecting content with emphasis on underlying systems.

Created specifications, rules, and example content.

Researched existing technology: Improv & Tracery.

Implemented one quarter of overall game content for evaluation.

Planned key structural adjustments.

Finished a first pass at all planned features and game content.

Migrated first playable from command line to RPG Maker.

Completed RPG Maker integration. Playtested with a wider group.

Added refinement and polish.

Gameplay Footage
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