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Team Experience

Technical Designer – Super Sudden Death Land

Unreal Engine 5 | 4 Developers

  • Blueprints: AI, UI, battle system, level sequences, animations, particles, dynamic materials, dialogue system, construction scripts

Level Designer – Snowpainters

Unreal Engine 4 | 40 Developers | Steam Release

  • Designed Track 1: North Pole with a four-person strike team

  • Became responsible for all gameplay aspects of Track 1

  • Conducted testing sessions for balance and analyzed data for all 3 tracks


Level Designer – Conjury Revell

Unreal Engine 4 | 27 Developers

  • Bridged communication between level design and software development

  • Gave technical design notes on checkpoint, objective and save systems

  • Investigated Blueprints and gave suggestions for how to resolve bugs

4 Months

3 Months

5 Weeks

Individual Projects

5 Months

The Longevity Zoo (Creation Kit)

  • Wrote and implemented a two-chapter quest for Fallout 4

  • Built an all-new exterior and interior world space

  • Scripted dozens of events in Papyrus

A Parable of Rust and Rot (Hammer)

  • Hand-crafted a warehouse level from scratch with bsp in Half Life 2

  • Set up physics contraptions for unique gameplay

1 Month

Synesthesia (Unreal Engine 4)

  • Imagined and scripted a music-based puzzle mechanic for my level

  • Modeled seven 3D models in 3DS Max and scripted post-processing effects

3 Months

You Teach! Romeo and Juliet (RPG Maker MV)

  • Invented a system for procedurally generating dialogue lines

  • Simulated a classroom literary discussion with procedural dialogue

8 Months

Work Experience

Oct 2021 - Jun 2022

Software Developer 

TTCU Federal Credit Union, Tulsa OK

  • Closed 58 dev tickets on financial institution software. Java, SQL, Python, C#.

  • Recommended & built improvements to the financial software.

Jan 2020 - Aug 2020

Software Developer 

Logistyx Technologies, Tulsa OK

  • Completed dozens of feature and bug tickets on C# shipping software

  • Prototyped a client-facing web interface


SMU Guildhall

Master of Interactive Technology in Level Design

May 2023

Oklahoma State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics

Minors in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Japanese and Theatre

May 2017

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