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Conjury Revell
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Time Span:


Team Size:

Project Link:

Arena Shooter

Unreal 4

4 Months

Level Designer

27 Developers

Steam - Conjury Revell


Responsible: Level Design

Consulted: Technical Design Choices

Commentary Video: Time Bubble Prototype

High Concept

Our capstone project blended gothic steampunk architecture with magic spellcasting gameplay in a flurry of stylistic choices. I primarily built levels and bridged communication between level designers and software developers. I also facilitated whiteboard design discussions at the beginning of the dev cycle.

I spent most of my development weeks on level 3: Airships. The airships level saw the most technical challenges with scripted events and every object being moveable. When an issue was discovered in post-production I personally patched the game to resolve it.

Lastly, I wrote a few blueprints toward the beginning and end of the project cycle. My time dilation bubble prototype showed promise yet I advocated cutting it early on because of the development burden it produced.

Development Timeline

Weeks 1-2

Weeks 3-4

Weeks 5-6

Weeks 7-8

Weeks 9-10

Weeks 11-14

Week 15

Proof of Concept: Technology

Proof of Concept: Gameplay

Vertical Slice

First Playable

Alpha Milestone

Beta Milestone

Release to Manufacture

Facilitated whiteboard discussions. Drew paper maps.

Prototyped a game mechanic: time bubble.

Created a gameplay demo space for gravity magic.

Digital maps. Refinements to PoCT level plans.

Previous work used as the basis for a demo tutorial level.

Brought the tutorial level together with 2 other LD's.

Built a cathedral-factory arena for level 1.

Gathered gothic architectural references.

Moved to level 3: Airships.

Helped make technical decisions.

Refined, polished & debugged level 3 Airships.

Implemented airship destruction sequences.

Last refinements to level 3: Airships.

Patched the game on bagel day.

Gameplay Trailer
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