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First Comes Love, Then Come Zombies
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Time Span:

Team Size:


Project Link:

Action Adventure

Chrome Engine 6

2 Months

1 Developer


Steam Workshop - Dying Light


Level Design, Comedy Writing, Level Aesthetics

Commentary Video

High Concept

My Dying Light mod, "First Comes Love, Then Come Zombies" shows off my ability to produce an appealing level with great gameplay. It features combat with explosions, traps, area control, and melee weapons. I made a point to put my sketch comedy writing skills to use and push my visual aesthetics further than they had ever gone. 

Development Timeline

Week 1

Week 2

Weeks 3-5

Weeks 6-7

Weeks 8-10

Level Design Document


Initial Gameplay

Gameplay Complete

Aesthetics & Launch

Drafted up maps for interior and exterior world space.

Implemented world geometry and mission sequences.

Includes combat encounters and placeholder dialogue.

Combat, parkour, narrative script, lighting, decoration.

Expanded gameplay possibilities in the interior cathedral.

Refined and polished the gameplay throughout.

Nighttime lighting, decorative props, decals, particles, music & sound effects.

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